Pieces of Furniture That Will Change Your House

ginwheel3Have you ever wanted to make your home a little more interesting? Have you tried to find creative ideas on how to make your furniture more interesting? Did you use any of these ideas? Do you want to get more like them? Well, I think I can help you. Continue reading.

Analogue Clock Coffee Table

Analogue Clock Coffee TableThe Analogue Clock Coffee Table is an invention which will never allow you to get late for an appointment. Not that it will remind you of important events, but it will always show you the time while sipping your coffee and relaxing. This item is an appropriate addition for your living room and office. It probably has one disadvantage, though – it might tick too loudly and distract you when dealing with something serious.

Hosu Lounger

Hosu LoungerThe Hosu Lounger is a very interesting piece of furniture, as it combines comfort and practicality. It is perfect for people who work at home, or don’t have a set working place. The Hosu Lounger is a cosy armchair with lots of pockets, where you can put documents and accessories. It turns into a lounger with a simple move, and allows you to manage some work in your most relaxing pose. It is also equipped with cables coming out of it at strategic places and allows you to use your gadgets without getting tied in cables.


Source: Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne Blog

Source: Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne Blog

I’m not sure that any of you thought of using a ladder as part of their furniture, but I will share you an idea. It comes from Megan Steel from FantasticCleanersMelbourne’s blog. She posted a very interesting article a while ago, showing how you can use different types of ladders in your home interior. In my opinion the ideas are very good, and I personally intend to use some of them. Ladders appear to be very practical. They also stand out among other furniture, because they are different, which is what we seek for here. They will definitely help you improve your home, and may be your office, too.

Out of Balance Stools

Out of Balance StoolsDefinitely not the type of furniture I would use at home. However, I can’t deny it is an interesting and innovative idea. Moreover, it can be fun, too, to balance on these stools after a few drinks at a party. It is an interesting design from the German designer Thorsten Franck, which will also help you stay fit. After all, you always have to use your legs and balance while sitting on these stools.

A Set of White Coffee Tables

Source: Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne Blog

Source: Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne Blog

This is another idea which comes from FantasticCleanersMelbourne’s blog, but from a different author, Margaret Swanton. This set of white coffee tables is quite extravagant and will definitely change the appearance of your living room, making the interior more unusual and attractive. According to Margaret these coffee tables were first shown at the Australian Furniture Exhibitions: Furnitex & Decoration + Design.

Mixtape Coffee Table

mixtape tableThe Mixtape Coffee Table reminds very much for the old days when we used to listen to music from tapes. It is very creative, though, and will add lots of personality to your relaxation area. It will also show your love to music or your nostalgia to the old days.

Breakfast Eggs Rug

eggs-rugThe Breakfast Eggs Rug is perfect for homes of food lovers. It is very soft and pleasant to walk on, and you can even sleep on it. The yolks of the eggs are big yellow cushions which are perfect for hugging. This flooring has only one disadvantage – its pale colours make it vulnerable to dirt and stains. You may have to use professional carpet cleaning more often than before, if you get such a carpet.

I hope you like my suggestions. Feel free to comment below and to share your own ideas and creations.

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