Plan Your Moving Out

The time has come to move out, after a long tenancy. Even if the property is not your own, you will have to do a lot before handing back the keys to your landlord. Therefore planning the moving out process is of huge importance. In this article we will give a moving plan that could help you move out successfully without headaches.

Six weeks before you leave, start considering which of your possessions you will transport to your new home and which ones you will sell, donate or simply throw away. Also begin collecting suitable moving and packing supplies, if you plan to do your own packing. You could buy packing materials and boxes from any man and van company.

A month before moving out, contact your friends and family, post office, various utility companies such as telephones, cable TV, internet water and electricity providers, insurance and bank institutions and so on to give them your new address, so that they could contact you if needed. Organize the move by setting a moving date and by deciding how you will proceed with the relocation: whether you will contact a moving company or you will hire a truck and conduct the transportation of your belongings by yourself. Make a list of all the packed boxes and their contents so that you could easily find what you need later. This will also help you check if anything is missing when the moving is over.

A week before the big move, label the boxes with “Fragile”, “Load last” and “Do not load”. Start the end of tenancy cleaning. You could do the cleaning yourself or by hiring a company to do the end of tenancy cleaning Gidea Park based. If you decide to execute the cleaning yourself, make sure to defrost the refrigerator and clean the stove and oven in the kitchen. Clean all soap scum of the bath utilities. Mop and vacuum the floors and carpet. All drawers and counters should be dust free and whipped clean. Check the ventilation and air conditioning system. If you decide to hire professional cleaning services Gidea Park has many qualified companies to offer.

On the last day call the landlord, so that he can perform the inspection of the property. Then return the keys and give him the coordinates where he should send you your security deposit, and start thinking about the unpacking that awaits you.

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