Removing Chewing Gum

Have you ever stepped on a chewing gum that your children have dropped on the carpet? You might know that removing the gum is quite a challenge, or at least to those who are unaware of the ice cube method. The ice cube method is a simple technique that involves some ice and elbow grease, which remove any gum traces on your carpet.

Begin by filling an ice cube tray with water, once filled put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Tap out an ice cube and apply it to the area of the carpet where the gum has stuck. Dab the ice on the chewing gum and leave for a while so that the gum gets hard. Thus you will be able to easily pull it off. Do it with extreme care and try to avoid tugging the carpet. Do not remove abruptly the gum, as you may rip out the carpet fibers. Finally use a cleaning solution to treat the area carefully and rinse with warm water.

An alternative method will prevent the carpet from getting wet. Take a ziplock plastic bag and fill it with ice cubes. Make sure to seal the plastic bag completely. Now place the bag on the problematic area of the carpet and wait for fifteen to twenty minutes.  By now the gum has hardened due to the cold, which will allow you to remove it easily. Again be careful while pulling the chewing gum, as you do not want to damage the carpet fibers. If some of the remains of the gum are difficult to remove, reapply the ice bag. If this doesn’t help take some elbow grease and a safe cleaner, dab a sponge in the mixture and pick away the gum gently. When done clean the area via detergent and rinse with warm water.

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