Rental Property Cleaning vs. Owned Property Cleaning

It is surprising how different our attitude towards domestic cleaning can be depending on if the property we inhabit is an owned or rental one. But numerous surveys of statistic data providing agencies show the same tendency: If  the place you are living in is your own you are taking care about its level of cleaning personally much more often than you will do if you have rent it out.

The reason for that is obvious you have established a long term relationship with the house you bought and want to keep it in a good condition. Regarding a rental property all you care about is to be able to clean it well when you leave so you can delude your landlord that it is in the same condition as it used to be when you rented it out and get your deposit back. In fact sometimes the place gets so filthy before you leave it that you need to call a cleaners Canons Park company to conduct a deep end of tenancy cleaning in order to pass your move out inspection.This is why those type of deep cleaning services are usually designed for people who are living in a flat which is not owned by themselves.

The same applies for the deep pre-tenancy cleaning, when an end of tenancy one haven’t been done properly. No matter how bad the place looks when you leave it the worst thing that can happen to you is that your landlord or real estate does not return the initial deposit you paid for a month in advance.Sometimes a professional cleaning session with any randomly chosen cleaners Carshalton company can cost more than the actual deposit, so some tenants decide to save the effort to book them and just return the keys without any negotiations about the deposit refund. This, of course, is a very immature and disrespectful decision. Having all this in mind many property owners do not rent their places even if they don’t live in them – they may eventually lose more than they will profit from the deal.

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