Slip-a Design: Keep the World on the Right Side of Your Door

The Slip-a DesignsThis blog has been devoted to cleaning and how to best approach individual situations, but honestly, if there is a chance in the world, I would like to never have to clean in the first place. Since this is not entirely possible, you can try your best to prolong the periods between cleaning sessions, especially when it comes to something as daily used as the floors. That’s why I’m interested in the slip-a designs, which promise to change this for you. I have yet to test the product, but I’m a fan of the concept.

The slip-a design isn’t something revolutionary as in it being complex. The best products are simple and multifunctional, which the slip-a design appears to be as far as its product description is concerned. The slip-a is a matt made from a special material, which doesn’t allow for dirt and mud to be left on the floor. What I consider to be the best part is the simple string mechanism, which allows you to bind the slip-a to the dirty object. This isolates the foreign material that can stain the floor. Also, you can use it on anything, which you drag from the outside as long as it fits. Yes, this will certainly feature in my wardrobe.

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