Sorting the Clothes for Laundry

There is not an exact recipe to tell you how to sort your clothe for the laundry. Most people prefer to sort them by colour, others do it by the type of material. And there are people who put everything at once in the washing machine. The results can be amazing. You may try this method or continue reading to find out which are the main categories you should keep in mind.

White Clothes and Laundry 

It is recommended that the white clothes are washed separately, otherwise colouration might occur. White clothes should be washed with hot water. Red colours and higher temperatures is what might cause the problem. This is why, before you put the clothes in the laundry, make sure there is nothing else except white fabrics. It is advised that a special detergent for white clothes is used.

Black Fabrics Washing

The black clothes should be washed separately because they need lower temperature water or even cold. They also have to be treated with special detergent for black fabrics, which keeps them deep black. The anti-static feature of a detergent is one to be looked for.

Bright Colours
These can be easily washed together and there is no need to sort them by the different colours. If you feel doubtful, you can wash the red ones separately because they are more likely to lose their colour.

Towels Laundering
Some people prefer to wash them without other clothes because they produce lints which stick to the fabrics. But you can put them in the laundry together with your blankets or sheets. For laundering towels follow the same colouration cautions..

Washing Speciality Items
In this category you can put the items which have some special features. Always check the labels of your clothes to make sure they don’t have any special requirements when washed. Then sort them by the other criteria. It is up to you how you are going to wash your clothes but still make sure you follow some rules to avoid ruining your clothes. When you are not sure about something, you can always call your the carpet cleaning experts you trust to and ask them anything that bothers you.

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