St. Valentines – Why Do People Celebrate It?

Today is St. Valentines and the euphoria around this holiday has started ever since we entered February. I don’t understand this holiday to be honest, and I don’t celebrate it. Some of you might think that my girlfriend is probably very unhappy of this fact, but she doesn’t like the whole thing about St. Valentines, either. It is very annoying to see hearts and teddy bears everywhere you go. Everyone is acting very silly, all traders take advantage of this situation and earn a serious profit.

You probably wonder what is it that my girlfriend and I don’t understand about St. Valentines. Well, let’s say that we don’t understand why there has to be a day of the people, who are in love. We are in love all year long, why should we express our feelings to each other only on this day? What is the point of showing your love only on February 14th? And doesn’t everyone see that this whole Lovers Day thing has turned into a marketing strategy for traders to sell more lingerie, flowers, jewellery and even socks? Whatever the original purpose of the holiday was in the past, it is not the same, nowadays, and it is about time people open their eyes. You don’t have to spend money to express your love, you don’t have to do it only once a year!

Romance isn’t what it was in the past, love isn’t the same either. Everything has been turned into a merchandise, and that is what’s annoying me. Instead of buying an expensive bouquet and jewellery, why don’t you buy a single flower and a box of chocolates? Why do you have to buy the flower at all, but don’t pick it from somewhere? Why should a red roses bouquet cost about 30 to 90 pounds on this day? What is the difference in the value of roses on St. Valentines and on any other day of the year? People in love are in love all year long, why should they pay more for flowers on St. Valentines? Have you ever thought on these questions? If not, then you better start to.

St. Valentines probably was a wonderful holiday once, but today it is nothing more than a marketing tool for selling different products. We have to start differing the original idea of this day from what it has turned into today. Until then love will only be a tool for selling more socks.

Check out the original idea of the holiday here.

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