Ten Easy Steps For Immaculate Fish Tank Cleaning

Did it ever happen to you to get fish for your birthday and don’t know how to take care of them? Have you ever felt that you are incapable of keeping any type of pet alive for more than a month? If the answer to both of those questions is positive then you either have to find the phone number of a good fish tank cleaning Cuddington agency or to follow the next 10 steps for an immaculate aquarium cleaning.

1) Get all the equipment you will need from the local professional pet store – if you have no idea what that is, just consult with the shop assistant on site.

2) Before throwing the old water away scrape off the algae with a special tool or a razor. It will be easier than if the tank is empty.

3) Measure the temperature of the water before replacing it – the degrees should be the same.

4) Get a bucket and a hose-pipe and prepare a siphon to drain the water out. Be careful do not change more than 10-15% of the water if you want your fish to stay healthy. Otherwise you may shock them and they can die.

5) What you need to do next is use your gravel vacuum to clean waste, debris, food leftovers and sometimes even algae.

6) If you have sand or rocky decorations on the bottom of your aquarium that you need cleaned you may either wish to take them out or empty your tank entirely, moving the fish into another container for a while.

7) Never bleach or clean with soapy water objects that are still in your aquarium – that can be harmful to the fish when you put them back after the cleaning.

8) Don’t forget to wipe down the external part of the tank as well, to make it look shiny and polished.

9) It is highly recommended that you change the filter cartridge rarely, once per month at most. So do not overreact there.

10) Cleaning City of London advise you to add some salt to the water after cleaning and daily check if the temperature is good. You don’t want to boil your fish after all.

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