The Best Move Out Cleaning Tips

Move out cleaning is a task than no tenant looks forward to. It is hard, takes too much time and in the end you feel very exhausted. That is why most people never do this chore on their own, but hire some professional cleaning company to do the job for them. This is the easiest way to manage the job, but it costs money. Moreover, you have to be very careful when hiring a professional cleaner, because there are a lot of unreliable firms which can cheat or double-charge you.

Whatever you say, the best way to manage end of tenancy cleaning, according to me, is on your own. You will know what you’ve done, and whether you deserve to get your security bond back. So, here is a list of move out cleaning tips, which will help you accomplish this task more easily:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to empty the property from your things. Take all your belongings out and transport them to your new home. The emptier the place, the easier the cleaning will be.
  2. Collect the garbage and get rid of it. Take it out for disposal, or dispose it by yourself.
  3. Start the cleaning process from the top-down, removing the cobwebs and treating the mould affected areas, first. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the cobwebs, and prepare a home-made solution for the mould. Mix one cup hot white vinegar, one tablespoon salt and ten drops eucalyptus essential oil. Spray the affected areas with this mixture and the mould will disappear.
  4. Dust the furniture, again working from the top-down. Use a cloth for this task, because feather dusters only make a bigger mess. I know that dusting is faster when done with a feather duster, but these tools push a lot of the dust back into the air.
  5. Vacuum the floors.
  6. Clean the windows. You can make your own window cleaner, mixing equal parts rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. Spray the windows with it and wipe with an old newspaper, the glass will become very shiny.
  7. Vacuum the upholstery furniture. Check if there are any stains after that, but don’t rush to treat them with anything. Clean the upholsteries with a home-made cleaner again, made of two cups water, 1/4 cup white vinegar, one tablespoon liquid castile soap, six drops lavender essential oil, and three drops clary sage essential oil. This mixture will freshen up the fabrics and colours of your upholsteries, but the stains on them will also become brighter. Try to determine their origin before you start removing them.
  8. Clean the kitchen thoroughly, Kitchen cleaning London experts remind that you clean all kitchen appliances, including the oven, fridge, microwave oven, toaster, stove, range hood, coffee machine, etc. Don’t forget anything.
  9. Clean the carpets with the same solution that you used for the upholstery furniture.
  10. Clean the bathroom and toilet. Don’t use any chemical-based detergents for the purpose, because there are wonderful natural cleaners.
  11. Ventilate the whole property and deodorise with lemons, orange peels, baking soda, potporri and other natural deodorisers.
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