The Calendar Phases of Cleaning

Cleaning chores are inevitable and there is no way around it. The house clean-up is one of the most important and essential parts of the whole housekeeping process. There is absolutely no break from the household cleaning chores. Fortunately, you don’t have to do the same tasks everyday. The chores can be separated in several categories depending on the time when they are done. Here is an explanation of the different calendar phases in the cleaning and what task should be done when.


The most frequent and repetitive chores that you have to done are luckily the ones that are easier to do. Washing the dishes, dusting, vacuum cleaning the carpets in the house are just few of the most ordinary cleaning tasks that you will have to do every day. Most of the chores are fairly easy to complete and require almost no effort on your part to get them done. On other hand you can rely on common household appliances like vacuum cleaners, dishwashers or tools such as the feather duster for additional help in getting the work done.


A large majority of all household task whether we are talking about clean-up or something else should be done on a weekly basis. Doing the laundry is a good example of weekly chore. Although you may launder several times a week you rarely wash the same batch of laundry twice – on Wednesdays you do the whites, on Fridays you do the colours and on Sundays you do the bedroom linens and underwear  so in reality you do launder once a week for a certain types of garments. Another positive thing about doing the laundry is that this chore is mostly automated this days and all you have to do is load and prepare the machine. Of course, washing the clothes isn’t the only chore that should be done on weekly basis the same goes for cleaning the toilet, wiping down appliances, disinfecting countertops, cleaning the kitchen sink, scrubbing the bathroom.


As the time between each chores gets larger the chores get harder and would require a lot more effort from you. The monthly tasks and routines are an ideal example of such demanding chores. There are a lot of clean-up tasks that fall in this category such as getting the household appliances cleaned thoroughly. Special attention should be given the oven, stoves, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, laundry machine and even the vacuum cleaner. Besides the appliances you should also take care of the bathroom and kitchen cabinets, clean the ceramic tiles on the walls, disinfect the surface of the door knobs and light switches in house, change and launder the drapes, wash windows and so on.


The most grand house clean-up chores are done seasonally during the spring or autumn cleaning, for example. Seasonal cleaning includes different and more demanding chores such as cleaning the gutters, professionally washing the carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture in the house, cleaning dust bunnies gathered behind and below furniture; cleaning or organizing wardrobes, racks, attics and closets and many more.

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