The Craziest Things I’ve Ever Said to My Boss

bad bossToday I found an article on BBC’s website titled ‘The craziest things you’ve said at the office’. It intrigued me and I read it, after which I started thinking about my blurting at my workplace. I realised how often I have gotten into quarrels with my bosses. I’m quite a conflict person, or may be my bosses are quite conflict. Whatever!

Here are a few of the wildest things I’ve ever said to my superiors:

  • Once I was sent to clean the carpet of a friend of my supervisor George. He told me to go there and not to waste time to inspect the rug and to do the usual tests, but to clean it as fast as possible. I explained that such actions might result in carpet discolourations and serious damages, but my supervisor told me to stop worrying and talking, and to do what he says. I accepted his rudeness silently and went to do the job. I cleaned the flooring of his friend and as expected the colours bled and the problems began. I was threatened by the customer with violence and I told him to call George and talk to him. When I got back at the office, the whole story had gotten to my big boss’s ears (George had told him, but he had skipped the part where he told me not to inspect and do tests with the rug). They both told me that I have to pay for the carpet of George’s friend. I got really furious and called George a squit for not confessing his guilt. I then told my version of the story. The whole thing resulted into my supervisor paying for his friend’s carpet and I got scolded a little bit for not following the protocol.
  • Another case in which I got in a quarrel with my boss when I was working as a tree surgeon in a gardening company in London. He wanted me to go to a customer’s property and to cut a few branches of his trees, but it wasn’t the right time of the year. The trees would have died, if I had listened to him. I then asked him, if he had the cojones to take responsibility for the consequences. He flinched and realised that I might be right. He turned around and went to his office obviously ashamed.
  • I will share one more story of my experience as a carpet cleaning expert in Marylebone. It was a very unpleasant for me experience as I almost got fired. It wasn’t my fault, though, but of my supervisor again. At that time it wasn’t George, but another jerk called Robert. This guy was an absolute retard and never understood what someone was telling him. Whatever! Let’s get to the point. He wanted me to take a steam cleaning machine into pieces, so to clean its guts. This wasn’t my job and I wasn’t qualified to do this. We always cleaned our machines, but we had never taken them into pieces. I tried to explain this to him, and to tell him that there is a specialist for this task, but he insisted me to do it. I said ok and started. The whole process took me two days, and the company lost hundreds of pounds. Our boss wanted to fire me, because Robert had told him I took the machine into pieces intentionally. You can’t imagine my rage over that guy. I was ready to rip his head off, but my colleagues stopped me, and I only called him ‘a lying bast*rd’. All of my colleagues defended me in front of the boss and explained that Robert had asked them to do unreasonable things, too. In the end he got fired and I got an apology from the owned of the cleaning company.

So, these are three of my stories. Feel free to share your experience from your workplaces in the comment section below.

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