The Infamous Orange Tree Theatre

The Orange Tree Theatre opened its doors on the last day of the year 1971. The theatre is located on the second floor of the Orange Tree Pub in close proximity to the Richmond Station. The Orange Tree Theatre just like several theatres throughout London was part of the boom of alternative theatres that opened doors during the 60’s and 70’s of the past century. On its opening day there were so many viewers that the theatre had to stage its first production twice.

In fact the theatre became so popular that during the 70’s, long queues of viewers could be seen on the stairs leading to the second floor. Until the year 1975 when the pub was renovated the theatre used to stage its plays during lunchtime. However after the renovations took place the theatre began staging evening plays instead. During these times the theatre staged several plays of Vaclav Havel who later became the first President of the Czech Republic. Another tendency of the theatre was to stage old plays that have been long forgotten by the people. Some of the most popular productions of the theatre during the 70’s were Dr. Knock, The Power of Darkness and the musical The Lady of The Tiger. The success of the theatre continued during the 80’s as well. It was here that Martin Crimp staged his first six plays. During the 80’s the theatre began working with famous French writer Michel Vinaver, who also staged six of his plays in the theatre.

In the year 1987 and 1988 the theater premiered several of Rodney Ackland’s plays such as Absolute Hell and Harley Granville Barker’s The Secret Life. As you can see Richmond has plenty of interesting places. If you are in the process of moving to Richmond hire a removal company to aid you with the relocation. To find such as firm read the house removals London section in the yellow pages. Another way to find such firms is to type man and van Richmond upon Thames on your computer’s internet search engine

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