The Meaning of Flowers

Have you ever wondered what flowers to send to a friend or to your beloved one? Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of sending flowers to someone? Have you ever wondered what every type of flower means? Let me give you a clue.


These flowers are very charming and colourful. You can find them in yellow, pink, purple, red and even blue. When combined in a big bouquet they look really beautiful and astonishing, but they mean friendship. You can still use them to impress your beloved one, though.


Sending someone a bouquet of Gardenias means that you’re secretly in love with him/her. Most people in London probably haven’t even heard that there are such flowers, though, so your intimation might get misunderstood.


When giving primroses to someone, you say “I can’t live without you.”. Their passionate red colour is very provocative, too.


These white innocent flowers mean nothing else, but innocence and purity. It is always a good idea to send such flowers to a girl. Everyone likes them.


Tulips betray your secret personality of the perfect lover. Giving them to someone can gain you interesting benefits, if the person also knows the meaning of these flowers.


Orchids mean love and beauty. They are very delicate flowers, which also distinguish with purity.

Red Rose

Probably the most romantic and provocative flower. It means love, it means courage and respect, it is the flower of pure love and romance.

Pink Rose

You might think it is the same as the red one, but its meaning is quite different. Giving a pink rose to someone means that you appreciate him/her, that you have sympathy to the person, and that you admire him/her.

Yellow Rose

Yellow has always been a colour of joy, so you can think of it yourself that yellow roses mean joy. They are also a symbol of freedom and gladness.

White Rose

The white rose is my favourite flower and I will finish this post with it. Just like the Lily it is a symbol of purity, but it also emits some kind of a secrecy. Professional gardeners from London say that white roses also mean reverence. All I know is that it is a fascinating flower.

Don’t let the above meanings of flowers mislead you, guys. Send your dearest people flowers regularly to keep the smile on their face. A flower always draws a smile on the face of a woman.

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