The Most Exhausting Domestic Chores

housewifeHousecleaning is one of the most unpleasant household processes. It consists of various domestic chores, some of which are quite exhausting and time-consuming. This post is about the most exhausting domestic chores. I’m about to share a list of them with you, so don’t stop reading.

  • I will start with the bathroom cleaning. The bathroom is one of the filthiest and most disgusting rooms in every house. It becomes very dirty and ugly as time passes, because of the grime, soap scum and water marks that remain after each shower. The tiles in my bathroom sometimes start looking like they are soiled and stained on purpose. And I won’t even mention the odours that come out from this room. I guess, that is why nobody looks forward to cleaning their bathrooms and people always postpone this chore. Moreover, it requires a lot of rubbing and scrubbing. You first have to wet the tiles, then to apply a cleaner, to rub until you remove the grime, and to rinse with water. Some experts even recommend that you blot the tiles with a cloth, so to prevent water marks in future.
  • The second chore that is very tiresome is kitchen cleaning. The kitchen is considered to be dirtier than the bathroom, plus it houses a lot of appliances. Everything in this room requires a lot of attention and maintenance, if the owner wants to stay safe from diseases and to be protected from bacteria. The oven has to be cleaned, the stove, the area around the kitchen sink, the refrigerator, every item and spot in the kitchen houses more bacteria than your toilet seat. You have to wipe and disinfect everything very carefully.
  • As I mentioned the toilet in the previous bullet, I can’t skip to say that it is also hard for cleaning. Plus, you need strong detergents to remove stubborn filth and bacteria. So, not only that you have to rub hard, but you will also inhale toxic fumes.
  • Carpet cleaning is another domestic chore which will leave you tired, especially if you have lots of stains on your rugs. You first have to vacuum your carpet to remove the excess dust, sand and other dirt. Then you have to treat all stains with the proper detergent, being careful not to damage your flooring (expert carpet cleaners recommend that you make a few tests with the detergents to be sure they are harmless for your flooring). After you treat all discolourations, you have to prepare a solution in a bucket from ten parts water and one part dish-washing detergent. Use a sponge and apply the solution to the whole carpet. Rub with a soft brush afterwards, in order to help the cleaner reach deep into your rug’s fibres. Make sure you work into the direction of the fibres. And once you remove the dirt and stains, you have to repeat the procedure with the sponge, but with pure water only, so to rinse the fabrics from the solution and detergents. And after that you have to dry your carpet, using a fan, air mover, or a hair dryer. Quite a task, isn’t it?

So, this is my list of the most exhausting domestic chores. I hope you don’t get scared by it, and keep on maintaining your homes properly.

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