The Worst Things That Have Happened to My Carpet

wool carpetI’ve been thinking a lot about my carpet lately, because I intend to buy a new one. I started thinking about all the things that have happened to my soft flooring during the five years it served me. I figured out that I haven’t been very careful and that the jute rug that I intend to purchase is not appropriate for me at all. If the same accidents that my old carpet has survived, happen to it, too, it will probably be completely ruined on the second cleaning. You probably wonder “What is it that this man’s flooring has survived?”, so I will get to the point.

  • The first time I ever stained my carpet of a very crucial moment. I flipped a plated full of spaghetti with tomato sauce and my whole flooring was messed up. I was very angry at myself then, and totally wanted to kill myself. I didn’t, though and collected the spaghetti as fast as possible. I wasn’t this handy when I started removing the tomato sauce, though, and the mess got bigger. I had a big red spot on my beige carpet. It cost me a lot of nerves, effort and money to remove it. And I kept on visualising the stain on the same place for two weeks after the accident. It was really awful.
  • Another bad experience for me and my flooring was when a friend of mine came from Bristol to visit me for two weeks. He brought his male cat with him, as there was nobody to take care for it. As the animal was a little stressed from the trip to London and from the new place where it was brought, it started marking its territory, which was quite unpleasant to be hones. My whole flooring was in cat urine and I didn’t know what to do and how to clean it. And as my friend got really embarrassed, she offered me to pay for professional carpet cleaning. I didn’t hesitated at all and accepted the offer. The cleaners made my flooring great again, they even removed a few old marks.
  • Once I called a renovation company to repaint my apartment. The technicians said that there is no need to move my furniture, as they will cover everything with paper and nylon. Yeah, but that wasn’t enough, I guess. One of the guys dropped the bucket of paint from the ladder, it tore the nylon on the ground and the paint spilled all over my carpet. I thought I would never manage to fix my flooring, started yelling at the builders, took the telephone number of their manager and told them to leave my place. After a long conversation with the manager in which I couldn’t lower my tone at all, the renovation company paid for the professional carpet cleaning services and for the complete renovation not only of my carpet but of my house, too. They did everything on their expenses and I was happy again.

And now as writing about these accidents, bad feelings start creeping me out and I’m not sure at all that I want to purchase a jute rug. I will probably reconsider my decision and get some other type.

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