Top 5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just couple of days away and the time for choosing a gift for your loved one is slowly running out. Sure you can always play it save and choose to give the most ordinary and cliché gifts that people present during Valentine’s such as chocolate candy, flowers, lingerie, dinner at a fancy restaurant and so on. However, this year Valentine’s Day offers you a great chance for thinking out of the box with some awesome gift ideas with which you can surprise the person that you care most about.

Les Miserables (Movie)

I had the opportunity to watch this movie very recently and I enjoyed it very much. “Les Miserables” is an awesome movie in my opinion and if you and your girlfriend/ wife haven’t watched it till know then 14 February is the ideal time to do that. The film is based on a hit London musical which itself is based on the timeless masterpiece by Victor Hugo. The hype over this movie is rightly deserved as well as its numerous nominations for Oscar. Hands down the most amazing scene in this movie is the Anne Hathaway’s performance of “I dreamed a dream”.

House Chores Free Gift Card

Household chores take up the majority of the free time that your most beloved person has, so you can surprise her pleasantly if you decide to do the domestic chores in the house for once instead of her. On other hand you can provide it with “House Chores Gift Card” that she can cash whenever she wants or seems fit. Another possible solution is to hire professional cleaners to do one-off thorough cleaning of the house. The companies that offer one off services like end of tenancy, spring and after builders cleaning are more than enough. Click here to book the services of company like this if you like.

Theatre or Other Cultural Event

Since the idea of taking your girlfriend or wife to see “Les Miserables” is floating around, you may also want to consider to take it to a more cultural event than the cinema, such as a play, concert, ballet, opera and so on, the decision is entirely up to you. Regardless of what you pick your better half is definitely going to enjoy it and have a good time, especially, if you go to such events rarely if at all.

Shooting Range

Well, Valentine’s Day is full of clichés so you may want to diversify a little by doing something new that you haven’t try at all until now. So how about going to the shooting range for a change. Sure it doesn’t sound as the most romantic thing in the world, but you can be romantic on any other day of the year and you don’t need a special occasion to show that so you can do something untraditional instead. And if your girlfriend or wife doesn’t enjoy celebrating the commercialism that surrounds Valentine’s Day then what better way to spend the day or night than doing something that nobody can relate do that holiday as going to the shooting range to fire few bullets.

Ice Rink

Another awesome idea to spend the Valentine’s Day is to take your girlfriend and wife and go to the ice rink with her. This way you can both have a real good time in a romantic kind of way. After all what’s more romantic that riding skates in the winter with the person who you love most. And during Valentine’s most of the rinks are probably going to be completely empty while the rest of the couples in your city are doing the ordinary things that are usually accepted to do during this day

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