Types of Swings for Your Garden and Porch

swing bed 2Have you thought of installing a swing seat in your garden or on your porch? Do you know that you can gain a lot of benefits from having a swing seat in your yard? Do you want to know what are these benefits? Do you want to see a few interesting swing seat designs which will freshen up the look of your yard? Well, don’t stop reading because I’m about to share a few with you.

A wooden swing seat with cushions

wooden swing seatThis feature is great for the porch. It is a two-seated swing, which can be the perfect spot to spend hot summer evenings with your beloved one. It is also great if you have children as they can swing on it two at a time.

A fabric swing seat with a cushion on the seat and back

fabric swing seatIt is colourful, it is comfortable, it is beautiful. It is absolutely appropriate for your porch. Install it there and your child will never ask you what to do when it’s raining. There is nothing more relaxing that sitting on a comfortable swing listening and watching the rain.

A swing bed for the porch

swing bedWell, sometimes a seat is not enough, and you have to stretch your legs. So, why not do it on the porch, on your comfy swing bed. Covered with cushions, it can even be your escape from the indoors summer heat. You can sleep on it in summer, and spend some very romantic moments with your beloved one.

A wooded swing bench for the garden

swing seat arbourThere are different designs for such a bench, you can even build it as an arbour with a rooftop. It depends entirely on your imagination, skills and budget. You can always use professional help, of course, as there are a lot of garden design experts in London and every one of them can make the swing seat for you.

A rattan swing seat

ratta swing seatIt is similar to the wooden one, but the material it is made from differers a lot. Rattan furniture is preferred for gardens, and that is why this swing seat is very appropriate. It is not very comfortable, to be honest, but when you cover it with cushions it turns into complete heaven.

If you want more ideas for interesting garden swings, don’t hesitate to contact some of the professional gardeners in Mitcham. They offer exceptional solutions for every landscape in the area.

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