Using Homemade Solutions to Clean Your House

Buying the most expensive home cleaning products available on the market does not always guarantee you the best cleaning results. Using the services of a professional cleaners Dollis Hill company is also sometimes saving you only time but not giving you better quality (except when you need professional steam cleaning , of course).

Then why spending money on both when you can sacrifice a weekend in the name of turning your house into a cosy place and getting to work.So, let’s see what you will need and how you can substitute the powerful cleaning liquids with some homemade stuff, and the highly professional machines with some old-fashioned equipment.Equipment:

- You can use your gardening tools to scrape off the mold in your bathroom.

- You can use a laver or a wide and shallow vase or even a cooking pot to dip the mop in if you do not have a bucket for that purpose.

- A broom, of course, cannot give you the best results compared to a nice powerful vacuum cleaner but it is the closest substitute that you can get.

- You will also need to get a sponge and some rubber gloves but they do not cost a lot anyway so they will not harm your budget.

Cleaning Products Alternatives:

- For cleaning fingerprints and other dirt from walls you just need to rub some white bread on them.

- For cleaning all types of surfaces a universal detergent can be a mixture from lemon juice, dish washing soap, baking soda and water. Even some cleaners Dulwich use that recipe for tile cleaning because it has been one of the best cleaning solutions for ages.

- For removing water marks from glass surfaces the best recipe is to use peeled potatoes. Just rub them on the spot you like to remove and it will disappear within a few minutes.

- And last but not least mayonnaise is great for polishing all types of skirting boards so don’t be afraid to use it if you want a spotless home.

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