Ways to Make Your Garden the Best in the Neighbourhood

gardenHaving a garden in London is awesome, but maintaining it can be a total nightmare. The British capital is popular for its rainy and gloomy weather, and it is very hard to grow anything in such weather conditions. There are floral species which can survive our weather, though, and gardening in London is not impossible. Today I’m not going to talk about these species, but about ways to make your garden the best in your neighbourhood. This can be achieved very easily, just by adding a few features to your yard.

As I said above, there are flowers and crops which can survive the London weather, so you can plant them in your yard. They will make it greener and more colourful as a whole. The air around your house will be fresher, too, and you will enjoy your living environment to the fullest.

garden dwarfsA few garden dwarfs would bring some colour and attractiveness to your garden, too. I know that they sometimes look creepy, just standing in your garden and staring at things, but they are good guardians. They might scare some types of pests, and their colours will certainly attract useful insects and birds.

pondBuilding a pond is also a good idea, although it might be considered ridiculous by some people. Having a pond in a rainy city might seem pointless, but it is stylish, too. Especially, if you install a statue close to it. The pond might also help you attract bees and butterflies to you yard.

garden furnitureLay a patio and furnish it with fancy garden furniture. Laying a patio is not an easy job, and you might have to hire a professional to do it for you. For the furniture you might consult a professional garden designer, but I’m sure that you can pick it by yourself. There are wonderful ideas for different types of furniture on the Internet and you can take advantage of them. I can tell from my own experience, that there is nothing better than a few drinks in the garden after a long day at work, especially if you’ve organised your relaxation area perfectly.

swing bedA swing in the garden is a wonderful idea. Not only that your children will enjoy it, but you will, too. You can install a swing seat, or a whole bench or bed. Nowadays, there are a lot of different types of swings, which can make your garden a lot more attractive.

trellisBuild a trellis with crawling plants on it, and install pots with flowers all over the exterior walls of your house. This way you will decorate your house, and will make your garden look bigger and more colourful.

plastic bottle potsRecycle while gardening. There are a lot of everyday items considered junk, which can be used in the gardening process. Things like old boiling pots, plastic and glass bottles, old chairs and doors, and even tires can be turned into wonderful garden decoration.

For more great ideas on how to make your garden the best in the neighbourhood, contact some of the expert gardeners Camden area in London offers.

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