Why Should You Clean Your Oven?

The oven is probably the dirtiest kitchen appliance. It gets covered with dirt and baked-on food stains, and people don’t clean their ovens very often. They prefer to wait until filth builds up in it, and then to clean it, but this is very wrong. These appliances have to be maintained regularly, because bacteria and pests might invade them. Moreover, they start consuming more energy and smelling bad. And when an oven starts smelling bad, the food you cook in it absorbs its odours.

Do you understand why you should clean your oven now, or I have to explain more?

Oven cleaning is a hard task, but it is absolutely obligatory. If you want to eat delicious food, to stay healthy, and to keep pests and bacteria away from your home, you have to do it regularly. And by regularly you must understand every time you finish cooking.

Why you have to clean your oven after every cooking session?

A cooking appliance, no matter if it is a microwave oven, stove or an oven, is easier to be cleaned while it is still warm and the stains on it are still fresh. Once the food spots dry, they become harder for removing and must be scrubbed for hours. If you want to avoid that, you should clean your oven after every cooking session.

What to do if you already have dried baked-on food stains in your oven?

This is a question which I’m asked pretty often in my job as a kitchen cleaning London expert. Most people think that the easiest way to remove dried stains from an oven is with chemical-based detergents bought from the supermarket. That is not quite true. Moreover, these detergents are very dangerous and might cause you very serious health problems. Instead of them, you can clean with everyday products, such as: baking soda, salt and white vinegar. Prepare a solution of half cup salt, half cup bread soda, half cup borax, and one cup white vinegar. It must become a thick paste.

Heat up your oven and spread the solution in it with a spatula. Let it dry and remove it after that. The dirt will come off with the paste. Wipe with a damp cloth and your oven is ready for use again.

For the glass on the door, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. It is very strong and will do a very good job.

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