World’s Most Beautiful Trees (Part 2)

jacarandas-flowers09-560x372A week and four days ago I posted a blog post about World’s Most Beautiful Trees. Today I’m going to share another set of photos of spectacular trees, which will take your breath away. Some of them are very rare, and one has to be really lucky to take such astonishing photos of them. So, I want keep you in expectation any more and will proceed to the trees.

cherry-trees-path-germanyI finished the last post with a pic of cherry trees and today I’m going to start with such, too. This is a breathtaking cherry blossom tree path in Germany. I bet that you want to be at this romantic spot with your beloved one. It really is amorous.

avenue-of-the-baobabs-madagascarMy next suggestion is this picturesque site in Madagascar. This photo is called Avenue of the baobabs trees and was taken by Todd Gustafson. It shows a very beautiful side of the African flora. Enjoy it.

fairytale-tree-tunnel-irelandThe Fairytale tree tunnel in Ireland is another place which provokes romance in people. It is a clear view of the majesty of the Irish forest.

adaptive-roots-in-concrete-jungleThe next photo is not so beautiful, but it is a good example of the ability of trees to adapt. It is called “Adaptive tree roots in concrete jungle” and was taken by Horst Kiechle.

california-in-autumnCalifornia is one of the most beautiful states in the USA, but nobody in the world associates it with trees and forests. I suppose you will forget about the sunny beaches after you see this photo of California in autumn, taken by Mizzy Pacheco.

ponthus-beech-in-brocéliande-forest-francePonthus beech tree. This photo was taken by Christophe Kiciak in Broceliande forest in France. The Ponthus beech tree looks very majestic and ancient, doesn’t it?

dragon blood treeWhat you can see on the photo above is a Dragon Blood Tree. It can be found in Yemen, and to be honest I find it a very strange plant.

mangrove underwater treeAnd an underwater example of beautiful flora. A mangrove tree shot underwater. Too bad I can’t tell you where it is located.

Red_mapleHow about a tree path of red maples? It looks amazing, doesn’t it?

tree-tunnel-australiaAnd another tree tunnel, but this time in Australia.

sun-rays-shining-through-treesHere you can see how sun rays make their path through trees. This place looks beautiful, but it is also a little creepy.

tree-house-japanAnd, risking to get a little boring, I will finish the post with another set of blooming cherry trees. These are located in Japan, and you can imagine what a pleasure it is to live in this house among them.

Mother nature will never stop surprising us with its beauty. It doesn’t matter if these trees are being taken cared of by professional tree surgeons, because they grow splendid without any special treatment, too.

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