World’s Most Beautiful Trees

hwagae cherry blossom festivalHave you ever seen trees so beautiful that they take your breath away? Have you ever wanted to be able to fly or to jump high enough to dive into a trees head covered with blossom? Have you ever suspected that there can be wonders of nature that I’ll show you below?

The Portland Japanese Garden

portland japanese gardenThe Portland Japanese Garden is located in the west hills of Portland, Oregon, in the USA. It occupies about 5.5 acres of Washington Park. I don’t know what the name of this tree is, but it is absolutely astonishing. I even can’t believe that such a tree can exist in another place than Japan.


sequoiaHave you ever seen a sequoia? Do you know that this type of tree is one of the tallest and biggest in the world? You can see that from the picture, on which there is a 750 year-old sequoia, which is in California, USA.

Cherry Blossom Trees

blooming cherry treesCherry blossom trees are very beautiful, especially when there are a lot of them at one place. The colours of their blossom mix and form a very romantic area. No woman will ever resist you if you offer her a kiss in a forest of blooming cherry trees.

Central Park, New York

central parkI know that Central Park is not a tree type, but the park is extremely beautiful in autumn when all leaves are yellow and start falling. The place is like an yellow forest.

Natural Tree Tunnel, Portugal

tree tunnel portugalThis tree tunnel in Portugal is something very rare and specific. You can see the perfect architecture of mother nature. It is probably a hell of a pleasure to travel through this tunnel.

Dead Trees Park, Namibia

dead trees parkThis photo looks a lot like a painting, but it isn’t. This is an actual image of a park of dead trees in Namibia.

Angel Oak Tree

angel oak treeI don’t know if it is the biggest angel oak tree in the world, but if there is a bigger one I’ll be very impressed. This oak is absolutely amazing and is located in Charleston.

Black Roots on Red Leaves

Black Roots on Red LeavesToo bad my resource hasn’t mentioned what this tree is and how big it is. It’s roots look quite impressive, and judging by them the tree should be at least a hundred years old.

Wasteria Tree

waterlea treeThe Wasteria tree is so beautiful that it reminds me of the fantasy scenes of the movie “Avatar”. There was a similar tree there in the Na’vi world I think, with one simple difference that the one in the movie wasn’t real and was shining at night. Well, this one’s real and is a few times more fabulous.


Sagano bamboo forestBamboo isn’t very impressive, except when you see it in a forest in Kyoto, Japan. The Sagano bamboo forest is something amazing. I still can’t believe that such a place exists.

Jacaranda Trees

Jacaranda TreesHave you ever heard of those? They grow in South Africa and on the pic above you can see them blooming. Marvellous!

blossoming cherry treesI already mentioned the blossoming cherry trees, but I can’t miss to share one more image of them.

Most of these trees have grown to this point naturally without any maintenance or regular tree surgery. It is impressive what mother nature creates. We should protect such species and specimens.

Stay tuned for “World’s Most Beautiful Trees Part II”.

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