World’s Most Futuristic Buildings

Architecture is something really strange to me. In the past architects used to project beautiful and respecting buildings, but nowadays things have changed quite a lot. These artists have become very “creative” and most of them compete who will invent the strangest or most futuristic edifice.

Today I’m going to share with you a list of some of the world’s most futuristic buildings:

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

This is a park, or a forest of a few 16-storey-high buildings covered with living plants. They are entirely eco-friendly and host photovoltaic cells, which gather solar energy. The buildings house a lot of botanical attractions, which are formed as public spaces. The park was opened in 2011 and the main building is called Supertree Grove. You can see how spectacular it is on the picture above.

Perot Museum of Nature

Located in Dallas, Texas, the Perot Museum of Nature was opened in December 2012. It was designed by the successful architect Thom Mayne and is locate on 180 000 sqft of land. The museum houses a 54 ft flowing escalator, which is contained in a tube-like glass structure. The escalator extends outside the building, where there is a garden of drought-tolerant species, an interesting water feature, and a Leap Frog Forest of glowing amphibians.

Palazzo Lombardia

Palazzo Lombardia is another environmentally friendly building, which is located in Milan’s Garibaldi-Republicca district and has been completed in 2011. The designer of the project is Pel Cobb Freed and Partners. The 160 m high building is a curvilinear office tower, which connects outdoor space with comfortable office areas. Plazza Citta di Lombardia is the largest of the public areas in the building and its roof is made of fluorine-based plastic.

Tjuvholmen Icon Building

Tjuvholmen Icon Building is a Norwegian art and culture centre designed by Renzo Piano. It was opened in 2012 on the place of an old harbour southwest of Oslo’s city centre. The whole centre consists of three buildings – a museum, an office building, and a cultural centre. They are connected by bridges, as they are situated between canals.

Wine Musem, Switzerland

The Wine Museum in the Lavaux region in Switzerland is an extraordinary and extremely beautiful place. It was designed by the Swiss firm Mauro Turin Architectes. Visitors of the museum have the chance to walk along a steel and glass walkway, which juts from a rock in the mountain. They can enjoy the breathtaking view over Lake Geneva and the Lavaux vineyards.

Source: BBC

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