Would You Buy These If You Were Rich?

Customized_Shark_SeabreacherI wonder what would you spend your money for, if you were rich? I’m sure that everyone of you, my dear readers, has said at least once in his life “I would never buy this thing, no matter how rich I was!”. Do you think you’d keep your promise? I don’t think so. And that’s because of money. Money changes our minds, it makes us feel strong, important and egocentric. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived in poverty, once you get rich you change your point of view and vision for the surrounding world. So, don’t tell me that you’d never buy something stupid, if you were rich.

Here are a few items, which some anonymous and not so anonymous nabobs have once bought:

kobe-bryants-used-face-mask-sold-for-67100I will start with something quite disgusting, and that is a face mask worn by Kobe Bryant. The Laker’s player himself said that it would be a miracle and he’d be disgusted, if anyone bought this thing, but the miracle happened. Although Bryant said he’d literally drunk his sweat from the mask during the eleven matches he had worn it in the beginning of last year, it was sold for $67,100 dollars. The money went for charity, which is a good finish of the story. I’m not sure if any man of means would buy this item. Its buyer must be a true Kobe Bryant fan.

Onement VISomething else useless and extremely expensive is a painting called “Onement VI”. This piece of art was sold at an auction for $43,8 million, a price that fascinates me. If I were rich, I would buy this painting and use it as a ping-pong table. Don’t you think it looks like one?

lady gaga tea cupLady Gaga’s teacup is something else that was sold at an extremely high price. The cup had Gaga’s lipstick and her autograph on, but for Christ’s sake, why would anyone pay $75,300 for it? What kind of a maniac fan should one be to buy such an expensive tea cup? I personally don’t like Lady Gaga and wouldn’t spend a dollar for something touched by her. But if it is a tea cup that belonged to Hally Berry, for example, and I had enough money to afford it, I would purchase it without wondering at all.

nyexpensiveapartment_17v4eb2-17v4ebdA $90 million property in New York is definitely something I would buy, if I had the money. I wouldn’t stay anonymous about it, though, I would want people to know that I’m the owner. I don’t know who possesses this apartment, because it was bought by an anonymous buyer, but I’d love to know if he/she has entered all the rooms.

the most expensive carpetAnd the last item in this list of ridiculously expensive rich men’s/women’s belongings is a carpet for 34 million dollars. Now this is something that deserves the money, although it would probably never be used as a flooring. I mean, nobody would want to stain or damage this Persian rug, because no professional carpet cleaner would be able to clean it properly.

There are a lot of other expensive items, such as yachts, private jets and customisable shark seabreachers (don’t ask), which rich people buy but I don’t have enough time to list them all. That is why I’ve picked the strangest. Feel free to comment below with more suggestions for things “you’d never buy, if you were rich”.

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